How to bet on tennis

Although it’s not the most popular sport, you’re unlikely to find a gambler who has never made a bet on tennis. The world circuit runs from January to November with matches every day of the week. In addition, betting on an individual sport is very exciting because only two players are playing. For these reasons, We have created a guide on how to bet on tennis to develop your knowledge of tennis betting. Every week there are countless tennis tournaments from the various circuits that exist.

The main players compete in the ATP and WTA, the male and female circuits respectively. Besides these, there are also the lower category tournaments that are part of the ITF. This circuit is where there is the largest number of tournaments and where tennis players compete who are normally outside the World Top 200.

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Knowing the players

Although it is an individual sport, there are many factors to consider before betting. The most important factor is clearly the players. You should know in detail the players, which surface they prefer, and how they have been playing in recent weeks. The three main surfaces of tennis are hard courts, clay, and grass. The playing conditions are extremely different. The simplest way to explain is that the grass is the fastest, the gravel the slowest and the hard court is in the middle of the two. There are other factors that also influence the speed of the ball, but let’s look a bit further ahead in our guide on how to bet on tennis.  

Back to the players’ knowledge, it is important to mention that the tennis season is very long. This means that the players will have many ups and downs during the year. Depending on their characteristics, tennis players are most likely to have a certain phase of the season where they are most likely to succeed. A good example of this is Rafael Nadal who is known as the best player of all time on clay. Nadal’s entire preparation for the season is aimed at reaching the best form of the European clay season, which runs from April to June. This does not mean that Nadal does not want to win all their games, but their motivation will certainly be superior on clay. It is always important to take into account the athletes’ motivation in sports betting, especially in tennis because it is an individual sport.

Weather conditions

Other factors that should be considered in your analyses and that can have a great influence on the final result are the atmospheric conditions. Factors such as temperature, humidity, and altitude can significantly alter playing conditions. Here is a list of how the conditions may vary according to the factors mentioned above:  

  • Speed increases with increasing temperature
  • Speed decreases with increasing humidity
  • Increasing speed with increasing altitude

Many gamblers neglect these factors when making their analysis. However, they all have a major bearing on playing conditions and can completely change the outcome of a match. It is essential that you always take these three aspects into account in your analysis. Professional gamblers analyze each game in detail and this is the main reason why they can be profitable in the long run. In addition to mastering the various factors that can influence the outcome of a tennis match, it is also very important to know what you can bet on. Only by having a deep knowledge of the markets of this sport, it is possible to find opportunities for value to be profitable in your tennis betting.

Match Winner

The simplest and most popular bet in tennis is on the winner of the match. In this market, you choose which player you believe will win the match at the end. Although it is a seemingly simple bet, it is important to note that bookmakers have different rules regarding forfeits. Some bookmakers consider the bet valid only if the game is over. Others declare it valid if the first set is over for the bet to be over.

It is very important that you know the rules of the bookmaker where you are betting to avoid unpleasant surprises. If, for example, you want to bet against a player who has appeared injured in the previous round, the best option is a bookmaker who pays your bet after only one point. On the other hand, if you believe that a player’s odds have value despite the possibility of him retiring, then you should place your bet with a bookmaker that only considers the bet valid if the game is over.  

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1st Set Winner

Another very popular market that we have to mention in this our guide on how to bet on tennis is the winner of the 1st set. This kind of betting is only considering the 1st set for the outcome of the bet. Unlike the winner of the match, the bookmakers all have the same rules. If the 1st set is completed, the bets on this market are all resolved. If, on the other hand, any player retires during the 1st set, the bets are all canceled.

Total Games

Punters also have the possibility to bet on the total number of games that will be played. There are two betting possibilities on this market: “Over” or “Under”. You can bet on whether you want to play more or less than the line of games that the bookmakers offer. Unlike what happens in football, where the amount is almost always the 2.5 goals, in tennis, the line varies a lot.

Factors such as player odds, style of play, and surface greatly influence the calculation of the line. The most popular bet in this market is clearly the “Over”. This bet is exciting in matches that are expected to be very balanced or in games where both players have an excellent draw. The bets on the “Under” market are not so popular but are also useful in games where you believe that the favorite will win very easily.

Set Handicap

Tennis players also have the possibility to place handicap bets on this sport. This type of betting exists in games where there is a big difference between the two players and to counter this difference. Therefore, the bookmakers offer a handicap line. There are two handicap markets in tennis betting: set handicaps and match handicaps.

How to bet on tennisThe set handicap is the easiest to understand. Most tennis matches are played at the best of three sets, i.e. possible results are 2-0 or 2-1. The set handicap line offered by the bookmakers is -1.5/+1.5. If, for example, your bet is on a player to fulfill the set handicap -1.5, you need him to win the 2-0 match to cover your handicap. If, on the other hand, you bet on the set +1.5 handicap of the least rated player, you only need him to win one set to win your bet.

The other option the gamblers have is to bet on the handicap of games. The main difference between this handicap and set handicap is that the set handicap only considers the games that have been won by each player. For example, if your bet is on handicap -5.5 sets, you need your player to win the match by at least 6 sets of difference. A result that would be enough for this bet to be won is 6-3, 6-3 or 6-4, 6-2.  

Tips for betting on tennis

After doing your research and analyzing all the factors that may influence the outcome of the match, you should be able to define the fair probability for each player. This calculation is not always simple and requires a lot of studying, but with experience, you will be able to improve your analysis. Being able to determine fair probability is fundamental and one of the main answers to the question “how to bet on tennis”. The next step is to calculate the odds that the bookmakers offer according to the odds of each player. You must convert the odds into probabilities in order to determine this value.

The last step is to compare the value of the bookmakers and their analysis. If the odds of success of a player you have determined are much higher than the odds of the bookmakers, this means you have an opportunity to bet with value. An important and transversal tip to all sports is to bet on the best odds in the market. Professional bookmakers have an account in numerous bookmakers and always look for the house with the best odds.

The difference between odds may seem incredibly small, but in the long run, it is very often the difference between being a profitable gambler or a loser. For this reason, we recommend that you check our list of the best bookmakers in Brazil and also the bonuses available for new bettors.

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